The surrounding area of this small village has been settled already since primeval ages. Jevisovice used to be one of the Hussites’ bastions in the southwest Moravia. When the old castle was captured and pulled down, Lords of Kunstat built a new castle on the opposite bill- today’s “Stary zamek”. So-called “Novy zamek” was established in the end of 17th century. Mattielli’s statues from a cancelled cloister in Louce by Znojmo grace the castle ambient. A water reservoir has been built on the river of the same name, the first one in Moravia in 1897. Czech constructors invited engineers from Italy to advice and help them. The water reservoir has been built as a defence against overflow and for a sugar refinery use based in close Hrusovany. The height of dam is 25 meters.
Jevišovice - castleJevišovice - castle
New chateau
Chateau JevišoviceChateau Jevišovice
Old chateau
Dam JevišoviceDam Jevišovice